This is the Cookie Policy (“Policy”) for the website (“our Site”) operated by Kapital Media London Limited (“we”, “our” and “us”). The purpose of this Policy is to inform you on how and why we use cookies, the different types of cookies we use and how you can manage your cookie preferences.

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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your browsing device by websites that you visit. When you visit our Site, we can store and access these cookies, which allows us to remember you and improve your experience.

How do we use cookies?

We store and retrieve cookies from your browsing device, to understand how you interact with our Site and to personalise your browsing experience. We also use cookies to enable our Site to function, keep our services secure and provide you with relevant advertising.

By using cookies, we can log you into your account on our Site, manage your subscription services, process your orders, provide your membership services and optimise any application and payment forms.

What types of cookies do we use?

The types of cookies we use generally fall into one of the main categories identified in the ICC UK Cookie Guide, which are listed below.

Strictly Necessary Cookies We use these cookies to enable our website to function, provide you with its main features and keep it secure. For example, these cookies allow you to log into your Polaris Awards account and navigate through our Site.
Functionality Cookies We use these cookies to enable us to remember your personal preferences and choices made while browsing our Site. For example, these cookies allow us to remember your account and login details.
Performance Cookies We use these cookies to collect information about how users interact with our Site, monitor user traffic and improve overall browsing experience. For example, these cookies allow us to identify which pages have been frequently visited.
Targeting or Advertising Cookies We use these cookies to discern your browsing activity, make advertising more relevant to you and analyse metrics of advertising campaigns. Third-party partners also use targeting and advertising cookies on our Site. For example, these cookies allow partnered advertising networks to build a profile of your interests and tailor advertising that is more relevant to you on other websites.

How do you change cookie preferences or disable cookies?

You can change your cookie preferences and choose to accept or refuse cookies by adjusting the settings on your browsing device. Your browser may also enable you to delete existing cookies stored on your device.

For more information on how you can manage your cookie preferences on popular browsers:

Changes to out cookie policy and useful information

We may update this Policy from time to time, and recommend that you periodically refer to it to ensure you are aware of any changes we make.

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